Tempest in the Teacups


One ride of lesser notoriety inside of Funtown Splashtown USA is Tempest in the Teacups. This ride is very similar to the Astrosphere based on movements alone; it is a traditional “scrambler” ride, with a twist: it allows you to control the rotation of your own teacup. The Astrosphere is inside of a pressurized dome with loud music and a light-show. Tempest in the Teacups is an open air ride without the loud music and spacey visuals. Tempest in the Teacups truly is an exciting ride, but often falls below the Sea Dragon, Thunderbolt, Astrosphere and Excalibur on the popularity meter. It must be pointed out though, that despite the perceived notions of this not being a thrilling ride, it is anything but boring. Have you ever wondered why there is a teacup scrambler at seemingly every amusement park across the country? We will let you draw your own conclusions!

Between the Astrosphere and Tempest in the Teacups, which do you prefer?

(Please include an explanation why!)

Days until season opener: 46.


12 thoughts on “Tempest in the Teacups

  1. the Astrosphere doesn’t spin in tight circles and you get a breeze so we like it better, but I miss the skulls in the dome, happy animals just arent the same, and we miss Lucille the “Teacup Lady” running the teacup ride.

  2. I prefer the astrosphere because of both the lighting and the fact that you’re inside a pressurized dome. You don’t see that every day. But, I also really like the teacups. The ride is relaxing, and Lucille is great!

    Could you post photos of the astrosphere being put up when the time comes? That would be cool to see!

  3. I love the Astrosphere for for many reasons but to name one it was because I was lucky enough to be the Astrosphere ride operator for 3 summers. I use to love it because evey show would be diffrent you could always do diffrent shows. I always felt like the man because I was makeing eveyone have a fun day at Funtown. I remember alot of people ask how do you do all that? It looked harder then what it was.

    • Nice Scott. It was always interesting that each visit had a different show. Though I have seen the same show when visiting the sphere on two different times during the day.

  4. As a young child I had a few nightmares after the Astrosphere. It was all about of scary human face which is still part of the show. To a 6 year old that face is pretty freaking scary. To this day that face still gives me some chills. I often leave with a slight exhilarated/fear from the ride. That is one of the things I feel is a must for thrill rides.

    In the Astrosphere I have to face my claustrophobia. Especially in that entry way.

    I loved the Teacups as a child. I got the silly dizziness from the scrambler but I never had the anxiety of closed space that I do in the astrosphere. For me I loved the control of the teacups. That is one of the reasons that was a preference as a child. Every one who visited the park with me and went on the teacups with me was amazed at how fast I could make the cup turn.

    I don’t think I have a preference for the two, I have reasons for liking both and not enjoying both. In the end the Astrosphere is typically where I spend more time than the teacups. Both have advantages, though I see the teacups more for young children and older men and women.

    I hope to see both there for a long time to come.

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