The Game-Changers


Funtown Splashtown USA has changed its appearance many times over the course of its history. One would assume this based solely on the fact that Funtown Splashtown USA was Marvel Drive-In once upon a time. Marvel morphed into Funtown USA in 1967 after forming a partnership with Andre Dallaire. Funtown USA eventually became Funtown Splashtown USA in 1996 after Mr. Cormier purchased Cascade Water and Amusement Park, creating an entirely new image. The most recent face-lift came with the introduction of the three Mt. Olympus Water Slides:  Amphitrite’s Challenge, Poseidon’s Plunge and Triton’s Twist.

These slides added a new dynamic to the water park, which created an even larger public following.  We have a fairly good idea of what the public wants for our next expansion, but are always open to suggestions. What do you think?


19 thoughts on “The Game-Changers

    • I’m not sure how long it’s been there, but it’s the red ride that goes back and fourth. And I said something like Adrenalin, how about xtreme Frisbee like Canobie Lake has, that’s an awesome ride and very popular! But I’m still hoping for another coaster, one that goes upside down would be great…

      Myself and my kids love Funtown, we’ve had seasons passes for the last 6 years and honestly the rides are getting boring as I have been riding some of these for 30 years.. Just my opinion, but don’t get me wrong we still LOVE Funtown.. 🙂

  1. Build another roller coast, the one there is fun but you gotta have more then one to keep the interest of teenagers and young adults who ocme to the park. Make it happen and watch the numbers grow.

  2. A steel coaster. I loved my beloved Excalibur and catch a front row seat when im there, but a nice steel coaster would be nice! Doesnt have to go upside down, but that would be nice as well 🙂 I hate having to drive to mass or our go to vacation in Virginia for a great steel coaster.

    • I agree with your opinion of the drive. When I lived in South Korea, we could take a 90 minute bus to ride the #2 wooden coaster in the world, and a number of amazing steel coasters were available around. Not spending gas money is key.

  3. How about a Premier Rides launch coaster? The one Six Flags Discovery Kingdom added cost around 2 million but I don’t know what you’re budget is. Plus it would be the ONLY launch coaster in New England. I think the park really needs something that goes upside down.

  4. What about a family launch? Verbolten was just opened at Busch Gardens in Virginia, Heading down to ride it this summer with the family.It claims to be intense, yet family too, and we all know Funtown has some nice terrain so a terrain coaster would be amazing too!

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