The Thunderbolt is a classic ride at Funtown Splashtown USA. Night-time makes this ride even better, as the 1980’s style lights really take over the park. The Astrosphere really becomes the Astrosphere when ELO begins blaring over the loud-speaker. What would be the perfect iconic song for this ride?


6 thoughts on “Thunderous

  1. Anything loud and bass-heavy! The Thunderbolt is great for the thrills, but half of my love for the ride comes from rocking out to the big selection music. *word on the street is you’ll be able to request songs from your iOS app this year!

  2. 70’s and 80’s classic metal rock is the best for this ride. I actually really love it when the controllers actually have that sort of music in their collection for the ride.

    I didn’t make it to FunTown or Splashtown last year but I want to this summer.

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