Build a…


Wooden coasters often remind me of my childhood. We always want to deconstruct, construct and deconstruct the same items over again. This is very much a psychological thing among children that occasionally does not cease after they become adults.

(My brain makes seemingly illogical leaps occasionally, please bear with me.)

My sister had a friend that went to university for roller coaster engineering, or something to that extent. I was always highly jealous of this, as he was taking possibly the coolest mathematical major in the known world. Who doesn’t want to design a roller coaster?

Give me a box of “Lincoln Logs” and I’ll build you a roller coaster… by 3:00pm. (Or I will just build you a log cabin, which is the only thing I could probably build out of them.)


Side thought: we need to revert to this awesome advertising method.

The park is opening May 11th!


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