Open season


A beautiful day will kick off our peak season. We are now open daily until September. Let’s pray/hope/wish for a beautiful summer!

Can’t wait to see you all at the park!

Funtown Splashtown USA


Text only… just like Zork.

I just wanted to give a brief update on a very narrow spectrum of things.

1. The landscaping crew has been planting flowers non-stop for almost the entire week, and things look fantastic!

2. The Spring Supervisors Seminar with NEAPPA went fantastically, and everyone seems jazzed to apply new knowledge!

3. We are finishing up orientations and everyone seems good to go.

4. I’m hoping this rain “stuff” goes away relatively soon; enough already!


I’m really excited to be at Funtown Splashtown USA for this 2013 season. Things will be different around here, but change is not always a bad thing. Here’s to good health, happy guests, happy employees and a fantastic 2013 season!


What a busy week! There has been a lot going on at Funtown Splashtown USA, which is evident by my lack of presence in this blog. My sincerest apologies to my faithful followers. 

; )


A group of supervisors from Funtown Splashtown USA attended the Spring Supervisors Seminar with NEAAPA yesterday at Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH. It was nice to see a wide range of young people sharing their thoughts and insights into this industry. We also had a PHENOMENAL speaker in O. Lee Mincey there. What a delight. I can’t wait to see everyone apply their new knowledge into the park this summer!



Old Faithful


This photo brings back many memories. Do you know the name of this roller coaster?

Absolutely correct, the Galaxi! The Galaxi coaster was a mainstay at the park for around 30 years until it was replaced after the 2008 season with the Wild Mouse roller coaster. If any of you are feeling a twinge of nostalgia for the Galaxi, you can also skip on over to Palace Playland where they still have one in operation!