Saco Drift



The amount of snow this season is certainly weighing on a lot of us. As you can see here, the Grand Prix track is underneath a nice layer of snow. If you look closely, you can notice the tire barrier making a neat pattern. When the snow finally melts, what will be your first Spring activity?

Personally, I am going to take a jog without 15 lbs of outerwear on. (Think warm thoughts…)


87 days until we open!




More preseason for you!



One of our maintenance team members putting finishing touches on a bumper car.



Vibrant colors… this raises the insurance rates, right? ; )






The Heritage Gift Shop in Funtown Splashtown USA has a vast array of merchandise. There are so many items you literally have to dig and explore to find treasures. This plate will be mine once the park opens; fact. For $1.99 I can own a piece of CLASSIC china. 



Balloons and Blunderbusses!


This might be the only ride in Funtown that I have not been on. I will need to remedy this! The title of this blog post comes from one of my favorite childhood films (created way before my time) called Those Magnificent Men in  Their Flying Machines. It truly is a wonderful film.

In the film, two men were going to have a duel and they decided upon using balloons and blunderbusses (I hope you can appreciate the humor in this.) I am assuming (and by assume I mean know for a fact) that the park would frown upon blunderbusses on the premises. Maybe Nerf guns are in order for a recreation!


Who’s that?



I found a maintenance worker in the Adult Bumper Boat pool the other day. The pool is essentially empty, minus some rain-water accumulation from the past few days. I do love that we at Funtown Splashtown USA offer bumper boat rides at no additional charge! Seriously, amazing. Fact.

Drop Top



Why not take a cruise with the top down at Funtown Splashtown USA?

Taking a ride on the Barney Oldfield Roadsters may not be as fast as Grand Prix Racers, but it is a pleasant ride. The Roadsters are a newer version of the antique cars with an un-convertible appeal. You can peek at the bumper boats, Grand Prix Racers, and even Balloon Race!

This photo shows that most of the snow has melted in the park, but large wet spots still exist. Perhaps I should buy a new set of boots…