Closing time…


I caught this little friend resting on the exit gate of the Antique Cars during our final day of the 2013 season. 

I have typed and retyped this blog post three times, but cannot find the right words to provide a succinct synopsis for this summer. I will break it down into a list, to make things easier on myself.

1. Thanks to our season pass holders! You are a great group that make Funtown Splashtown USA an even greater place!

2. Thank you to the people who visited Old Orchard Beach and Saco during the summer. Your presence is always appreciated at the park.

2. Thanks to our returning team members! You are the pulse of our park, and we appreciate all you do for/with us.

3. Thank you to our new team members! For some of you it feels natural working here right away, but there are those of us who started at Funtown Splashtown USA without knowing the park. It can be an intimidating place, trust me I know! We are all very grateful to have you with us, and hope to see you next year!

4. Thanks to the Cormier family! Without you, none of this would exist. Truly, we cannot express our gratitude enough.

5. Thanks to our students! Without you, pre and post-season would not have been possible. You are all incredible!


If I left anyone off of this list, I apologize! The end of the year is a whirlwind.

I hope to see you all on our social media sites this off-season!