To quote the legendary mind Isaac Newton: “what goes up, must come down.”

Every year our maintenance team takes down the rides for storage during the harsh New England winter months. If you could live in any part of the United States, where would you reside?


Another vantage point



I was walking up the stairs to the Mt. Olympus slides, and could not resist this shot. I really love the fact that the tubes are translucent. Can’t wait for Splashtown to open!

Who’s that?



I found a maintenance worker in the Adult Bumper Boat pool the other day. The pool is essentially empty, minus some rain-water accumulation from the past few days. I do love that we at Funtown Splashtown USA offer bumper boat rides at no additional charge! Seriously, amazing. Fact.

Drop Top



Why not take a cruise with the top down at Funtown Splashtown USA?

Taking a ride on the Barney Oldfield Roadsters may not be as fast as Grand Prix Racers, but it is a pleasant ride. The Roadsters are a newer version of the antique cars with an un-convertible appeal. You can peek at the bumper boats, Grand Prix Racers, and even Balloon Race!

This photo shows that most of the snow has melted in the park, but large wet spots still exist. Perhaps I should buy a new set of boots…

Rock ’em sock ’em robots?


Every time I see the bumper cars, I think of those ridiculous rock ’em sock ’em robot toys.


Did you ever notice that the person who slams on the levers always won? Completely illogical. Perhaps I will purchase another one, and have a tournament at Funtown Splashtown USA…

I digress. The bumper cars are one of my favorite rides. The only way to upgrade this ride would be allowed faster speeds and longer times on the ride… which would lead to injuries, undoubtedly. I guess there is no way to upgrade them. ^^

C’est la vie!