Saco Drift



The amount of snow this season is certainly weighing on a lot of us. As you can see here, the Grand Prix track is underneath a nice layer of snow. If you look closely, you can notice the tire barrier making a neat pattern. When the snow finally melts, what will be your first Spring activity?

Personally, I am going to take a jog without 15 lbs of outerwear on. (Think warm thoughts…)


87 days until we open!




Preseason work



Every year during the preseason, a great group of guys (and gals) make everything look fresh! 


Is there anything specific you would like me to cover for tomorrow’s blog entry? I will do my best to accommodate you, but can make no promises!



When I (the author of this blog) first moved to southern Maine in 2001, Funtown Splashtown USA became my home with its staff my family. This photo in particular reminds me of a few very fun days spent at Splashtown USA. In 2001 though, there was no Pirate’s Paradise, Mammoth, and the batting cages were still there. I must say though, I love the direction the park has taken.

The Game-Changers


Funtown Splashtown USA has changed its appearance many times over the course of its history. One would assume this based solely on the fact that Funtown Splashtown USA was Marvel Drive-In once upon a time. Marvel morphed into Funtown USA in 1967 after forming a partnership with Andre Dallaire. Funtown USA eventually became Funtown Splashtown USA in 1996 after Mr. Cormier purchased Cascade Water and Amusement Park, creating an entirely new image. The most recent face-lift came with the introduction of the three Mt. Olympus Water Slides:  Amphitrite’s Challenge, Poseidon’s Plunge and Triton’s Twist.

These slides added a new dynamic to the water park, which created an even larger public following.  We have a fairly good idea of what the public wants for our next expansion, but are always open to suggestions. What do you think?

Tempest in the Teacups


One ride of lesser notoriety inside of Funtown Splashtown USA is Tempest in the Teacups. This ride is very similar to the Astrosphere based on movements alone; it is a traditional “scrambler” ride, with a twist: it allows you to control the rotation of your own teacup. The Astrosphere is inside of a pressurized dome with loud music and a light-show. Tempest in the Teacups is an open air ride without the loud music and spacey visuals. Tempest in the Teacups truly is an exciting ride, but often falls below the Sea Dragon, Thunderbolt, Astrosphere and Excalibur on the popularity meter. It must be pointed out though, that despite the perceived notions of this not being a thrilling ride, it is anything but boring. Have you ever wondered why there is a teacup scrambler at seemingly every amusement park across the country? We will let you draw your own conclusions!

Between the Astrosphere and Tempest in the Teacups, which do you prefer?

(Please include an explanation why!)

Days until season opener: 46.



Oh, look… Funtown Splashtown USA has started a blog. Exciting!

It seems as if this ride became a right of passage for youth in Maine since its installation. We would all discuss the glowing green face that imprinted itself in the backs of our minds.

I always wondered as a child what the Astrophere would look like without the bubble itself… I guess I have my answer!

Days until season opener: 47.